We’d love to work with you.

If you are interested in getting involved and have a product or service that could be a good fit for our customer base, here are several ways you can get involved:


products, samples or services

Have a great brand you want to share with our thrifters? Launching a new product and want to get it into the hands of the masses? Have leftover samples or one-offs you’d like to donate to a great cause? Let’s connect and see if your product is a right fit.

Types of Products You Can Donate

Clothing and housewares are obvious prime choices for donations. The intent would be for us to sell them at thrift prices and have the proceeds benefit Austin Pets Alive!

Or, if your company makes bottled beverages or shelf-stable snacks, we’d love to offer them to our customers during special events for free as a nice bonus. Additionally, we are happy to accept small accessories or promo items such as coozies, branded lanyards, etc. for the same give-away purpose.

Be advised, we are not able to retain perishable goods. When it comes to leftovers, you’ll have to take it with you.

Do I Get To Profit Share?

We are not currently looking to become a seller of your goods for profit sharing. However, if you would like to highlight Austin Pets Alive! Thrift in a specific product, we recommend you reach out to Austin Pets Alive! directly on their website.

3rd Sunday events may also be a good fit. Each month we will accommodate up to 6 vendors for a pop up fair at our North location for a $20 donation. We are open to crafty folks, foodies, live music, free hug booths, or whatever you can dream up. Our customers are your customers! Click here to reserve a spot!

I Want A Portion of Proceeds Of My Product To Benefit You

Great! If you want to dedicate a portion of your proceeds, you’re help saving the lives of homeless pets. Many businesses have a specific product line or specialty offering that they use to overtly convey their partnership with APA! See our website for details.


invite us to Offsite pop ups

Having an event on your turf? Looking for additional vendors to participate? We’re happy to pack our bags and bring our Trunk Show to your pop-up in the greater Austin area. We curate a unique selection of boutique items that fit your audience and bring the thrift to you!

Whether it is a citywide convention or you want us hanging at your shop for a few hours, we’re here for you. Tell us when and where, and we’ll connect with you.

If you are looking to have Austin Pets Alive! presence at an event, fill out their inquiry form here.

host after-hours events for your group or public

If you have a unique offering such as a service rather than a physical product, we’re happy to help. We’ve hosted private, after-hours events in our space where Yoga Instructors, Teachers, Authors, and others have brought their clientele into our stores for a unique opportunity to connect with pet lifesaving.

However, space is tight -- so fill out our request form and we will let you know if it is a good fit.

10/10 network

host after-hours events for your group or public

Join us in strengthening the relationships between APA! Thrift and Austin small businesses.

The concept behind the 10/10 network is simple: customers that show us a receipt from a participating business receive 10% off their purchase at our thrift stores. And thrift customers who show a receipt from APA! Thrift at your business location get a reciprocal 10% off. It’s a win-win!

Interested in joining our network? Fill out this form here.