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Join us in strengthening the relationships between APA! Thrift and Austin small businesses.

The concept behind the 10/10 network is simple: customers that show us a receipt from a participating business receive 10% off their purchase at our thrift stores. And thrift customers who show a receipt from APA! Thrift at your business location get a reciprocal 10% off. It’s a win-win!


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I agree to honor 10% off either a specific item or entire purchase at my business with proof of a same-day receipt from APA! Thrift to my customers. I will also notify my customers that they receive 10% off at any APA! Thrift store location with their receipt. If I can no longer commit for any reason, I will notify APA! Thrift prior to ceasing. If APA! Thrift finds out that you are not honoring this deal, I understand that APA! will remove my logo and no longer refer customers effective immediately.